Frequently Asked Questions

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This service is for anyone in need of medical services who wants to quickly discover procedure prices from the comfort of their own home, without wasting time visiting each clinic or hospital.

No, you can create your account for free and list as many medical cases as you want without any cost.

The primary goal of is not to monetize the platform but to bring value to the medical market and democratize access to healthcare for people worldwide.

Clinics and hospitals must be accredited according to the standards of their respective countries. They can create their account for free and participate in as many bidding processes as they wish, without any limitations. However, to enjoy benefits such as receiving instant notifications for new cases, clinics and hospitals can opt for a nominal monthly subscription. The primary goal of is not to monetize the platform but to bring value to the medical market and democratize access to healthcare for people worldwide.

Utilizing the ClinicsBid platform offers several advantages. It provides quick and convenient access to a global network of accredited clinics and hospitals, allowing you to find high-quality medical services. You can compare offers and prices, selecting the most suitable option based on your needs and preferences.

At ClinicsBid, we take patient confidentiality seriously. All information provided by patients and the medical records uploaded in the bidding process remain private and are only visible to accredited clinics and hospitals within the specific domain of the patient.


Creating an account on ClinicsBid is simple. Visit the registration page and fill out the registration form with the necessary information. After completing the registration, you will receive a confirmation email, and you can start using the platform.

To list a medical case, you will be asked to provide general information about your case, including symptoms, diagnosis, medical history, and any other relevant documents. Make sure all the provided information is complete and accurate to ensure the proper evaluation of the case by clinics and hospitals.

After selecting a clinic or hospital, you can initiate the process of scheduling medical services directly with the respective institution. Clinics and hospitals partnered with ClinicsBid will provide additional information regarding availability, costs, and scheduling procedures.

We are currently working on integrating an internal payment system. At the moment, we have decided not to handle the payments directly. After receiving the price from the clinic or hospital, as a patient, you will pay the exact amount specified in the bidding for your case directly to the clinic/hospital when you visit, after mutually agreeing on the appointment and relevant arrangements.

Please contact us by phone or email to take strict measures against the clinic/hospital. We may even consider excluding them from our ecosystem ClinicsBid !