Need medical services?

Dental treatment, beauty interventions up to the most complex brain surgery or transplant.

1. People post their case

Treatment, Surgery name /Medical record /Or just X-ray.

2. Clinics receive your case

Your case will be automatically redirected to Clinics & Hospitals qualified on your needs.

Clinics & Hospitals bid

You can initiate discussions with Clinics that have bid on your case.

You Choose the best offer!

Now you decide which Clinic has the best proposal for you.


Welcome to ClinicsBid, the innovative online platform for high-quality medical services. We are dedicated to providing a simple and efficient solution for those seeking medical services of all kinds, covering a wide range of categories, from simple interventions and treatments to the most complex surgeries.

At ClinicsBid, we believe in universal access to medical services and aim to democratize the healthcare market. Through our platform, patients can post their medical cases, ensuring that they remain private and confidential. Clinics and hospitals instantly receive the case and analyze the files uploaded by the patient in the bidding process, communicating a personalized and private price to the patient.

The duration of the bidding process is determined by the patient, offering them the freedom to choose the most suitable moment to finalize the selection process. In this manner, patients have the chance to select their preferred clinic or hospital based on their criteria, including service quality and the correlation with pricing, without being limited by the cost factor.

Our dedicated and professional team is available to provide support at every stage of the selection and scheduling process. Welcome to the ClinicsBid community, where our commitment is to offer safe and affordable medical solutions in a convenient and transparent manner.”

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All Clinics & Hospitals from your city or even worldwide at your fingertips!

Save Time

No need to visit all clinics anymore to inquire about their ability to assist you or the cost of surgery or scheduling an appointment.

Save Money

Zero intermediary costs & all clinics will try to offer you a lower price to choose them.

Safe and secure

Don't worry, your case & clinics' bids are both private, safe and secure.
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